Resources I'm Using to Discuss Steve Jobs

I’m adding a “Current Events” section to this blog.  Hopefully this will be helpful to some teachers out there who are looking for resources for discussing current topics.  I’ll try to post what I find whenever I’m doing current events in my senior government/economics course.

When discussing current events in class, I use the following format:

  1. Students are assigned to read and/or watch about a topic the night in advance
  2. Students are presented with readings (and sometimes video) on the event
  3. The class constructs a list of the facts of the event based on the texts and their knowledge
  4. The class lists questions that the event raises
  5. The class discusses the questions

After spending last week looking at the question, “Does marketing create identities?,” Tuesday seems like an ideal time to discuss the legacy of Steve Jobs.  We’ll use Apple as a case study to further investigate that question.  Here are the resources I’ll be using Tuesday: