Teachers are experts

Arthur Goldstein absolutely nails it:

I’m more than a little upset that I, along with tens of thousands of my colleagues, have been deemed unfit to grade tests. It strikes me as unfair stereotyping and just another example of the distrust some people in power feel towards teachers.

But here’s the thing: if I can’t be trusted to design tests and I further can’t be trusted to grade them, I ought not to be teaching. If the state feels that we teachers are so incompetent and untrustworthy it ought to fire us all en masse.

Any professional has to be able to balance emotion with their obligations. Should firefighters be prohibited from fighting fires in their district? Should cops who arrest people take them to another precinct so they’ll be processed fairly? Should Mayor Bloomberg’s PEP be restricted to making decisions about Podunk, Iowa?



One thought on “Teachers are experts

  1. Actually, in my state, we’re fighting to NOT grade our own students’ standardized tests. The test scores are tied to our salaries, so we thought it was dumb for the state to think that a few (if not many) teachers wouldn’t fudge the scores so that they can ensure a higher salary. We prefer for the tests to be graded electronically or by an unbiased person.


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