Questions for the 2012-2013 School Year

Each of the past two years, I wrote a bunch of goals and reflected on them every two months in this space.  I often found that as the year went on, I didn’t really care about the goals and reflected on them just because I said I would. I’m taking a different approach this year and writing myself a series of reflective questions I will return to every couple months.  This will be my own personal inquiry project.

  1. How will I need to change the stance towards students and pedagogical practices I’ve developed the past years teaching upper classmen to be successful in teaching freshmen?
  2. How can I better focus on students’ thinking as opposed to the products of that thinking?
  3. How will I shift from not just developing teachers, but developing teacher-leaders for the future of our school?

2 thoughts on “Questions for the 2012-2013 School Year

  1. Interesting new approach this year. I just posted my goals yesterday, but there is definitely value in simplicity. I read something recently about how goals actually serve to restrict us, because they serve to narrow our focus and close us off to great opportunities that don’t fit in with the pursuit of said goals. Although I’m not sure I buy the idea that we should stop setting goals, I do see the logic.


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