Portfolio Entry #6: Top 10 Moments from My Year at Young Writers

The goal of the portfolio is threefold: to document some of the work I did this past year, to take the time to reflect and learn, and to share with the larger community I am lucky to have through this blog.  I will be posting a portfolio entry a day until it’s done.  There are eight entries, one for each year of my career thus far.  Questions, comments, and thoughts are always greatly appreciated, but are even more so for this.  Previous entries are here.

10) The impromptu game of Hide and Seek my global students played with me at The Met, without telling me we were playing.

9) A surprise birthday cake from my advisory.

8) Reading The Marriage Plot in Student/Staff book club.

7) Watching a bunch of my advisees experience a moving sidewalk for the first time at the Court Square subway station in Queens.

6) Watching students interview occupiers at Zuccotti Park a couple of weeks into the occupation.

5) Watching three of my students share what they learned about school closing and gentrification at Columbia University as part of the Manning Marable Memorial Conference; the shout out they received during the afternoon keynote from the brilliant Dr. Rhonda Williams.

4) Getting to tell 100% of seniors that they passed their history regents.

3) Having countless students realize I wasn’t going to help them, and then that they could do it on their own.

2) Citizenship Night.

1) Every Monday in advisory listening to my advisees spending 40 minutes sharing their “Nags and Brags” from the weekend, and really, just about every other moment with them as well.  I was blessed with an incredibly special group this year:

Prom, on the famous staircase of the Grand Prospect Hall.
With almost all of my graduates.

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