On the pleasures (and perils) of bike riding

I love David Byrne.  The Talking Heads were a significant portion of the soundtrack to my college years; Stop Making Sense is my second favorite concert film (behind The Last Waltz); a girl I was dated in college broke me and a friend into a RISD building  to see him speak there as an “alumni artist (he dropped out); I played his building; I even caught him performing a concept album about Imelda Marcos and her love of shoes at Carnegie Hall.  He also recently described better than anyone I’ve seen the joy I discovered this past year in biking around NYC:

I’ve used a bike to get around New York for decades. There’s an exhilaration you get from self-propelled transportation — skateboarding, in-line skating and walking as well as biking; New York has good public transportation, but you just don’t get the kind of rush I’m talking about on a bus or subway train. I got hooked on biking because it’s a pleasure, not because biking lowers my carbon footprint, improves my health or brings me into contact with different parts of the city and new adventures. But it does all these things, too — and sometimes makes us a little self-satisfied for it; still, the reward is emotional gratification, which trumps reason, as it often does.

Unfortunately, I learned about the flip side of that coin last week; on my way to work  Thursday I hit a wet spot right as I was about to go over a curb I go over every morning on my way to work, fell, and broke my (non-dominant) left wrist.  It’s my first cast.  All things considered, I’m doing well, and will be back on my bike the second I can.  However, at least for the next 2-4 weeks when my arm is in a long cast past the elbow (and very possibly for the 4 weeks after in a short cast), my blogging will be severely restricted, as one-handed typing is slowing down my life significantly.

5 thoughts on “On the pleasures (and perils) of bike riding

  1. Ha! Coincidence. My son (13) did the same thing this week, falling off the playground swings. He broke both his radius and ulna in his (non-dominant) left arm. He’s in his cast for 6-8 weeks, depending. I’m so sorry…it’s such a bummer.

    Remember: Don’t stick anything down your cast to scratch your itches, despite what you saw in Rear Window.


  2. Sorry to read about your accident! A couple of weeks ago I heard about another person who slipped on a wet spot on a road and broke her elbow. Heal well.

    But the band that was significant during your college years — I saw them at my school when I was in college, and maybe it’s your injury, but “The Talking Heads were”? Really? It’s “Talking Heads”! And probably “was.” 😉



  3. Sorry to hear about your spill and injury. I lived for over 50 years and did all kinds of crazy things without breaking any bones, and then I busted my wrist (actually a finger bone near the wrist) when I slipped on our snowy driveway walking the dog. You never know… Nobody told me until they took the cast off that I wouldn’t be done healing for several weeks beyond that. Patience. Good thing it was just an arm bone!

    I love riding my bike. It’s a very playful mode of transport – lots of room for creative thinking when you’re riding. I’ve also learned to appreciate running in the last couple of years. Each has it’s own special place on the menu of self-propelled ways to get around. Take care. And keep moving. 🙂


  4. Just getting caught up on my reading! I hope things are going better for you. Thanks for being one of the best blogs in my Google Reader list!


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