Reflection on School Year Goals #4

At the beginning of the year, I set a number of goals for myself, one of which was to reflect on said goals every two months. My fourth and penultimate set of reflections are in italics below.


I will improve the way I give feedback to students.  Formally, I hope to develop a system to give students feedback about writing that meaningfully a) tells students where they are, b) what they need to do to improve and c) is efficient enough that I can provide frequent and timely feedback to all students.  I also need to make sure I am giving informal feedback more frequently to all students.  (I hope that moving to a Standards Based Grading system will enable these things to happen organically).

My students just completed their last major essay for me, and for the first time all year I made the time to conference individually with every student.  One thing I’ve been working on is being better at naming students’ strengths so they know to keep doing those things.  I think this went really well in conferences, and gave many of my students a much needed boost of confidence heading into college.  I also gave them one concrete next step to take in their individual development, in addition to feedback on meeting our year-long standards.  I think this is a model that I need to use more.

Students will have multiple opportunities to rethink and revise their answers to large essential questions throughout each unit, and will also reflect on and revise all major work.

This was accomplished for all the major work and questions in the past couple of months.


The Social Studies Critical Friends Group will meet once a month, and will be valuable for its participants.

Still meeting this goal.  


100% of my new advisees will either graduate or earn at least ten credits by June.

Unfortunately, one of my advisees will not meet this goal, but everyone else will.

100% of my advisees will be accepted to college, and will have a plan to pay for it or whatever else they choose to do next year.

Almost there on this goal.

Personal / Professional Development 

At least once per week, I will write and publish a piece of writing about teaching social studies, be it about my practice or teaching in general.

I’ve kept this goal up, though my “publishing” has more and more taken other forms.  

Every two months, I will write and publish a self-evaluation of how I am doing on these goals.

Check. Check. Check. Check.