Service learning done right

Good to see great thing happening at my old school, Bronx Lab:

I’m lucky enough to work at the Bronx Lab School, a community that has made a commitment to service learning as a part of our philosophy and curriculum. Each year, for the last three school days before spring break, all students participate in a service learning project that is designed by one or two teachers in a program called Explore Week. After working with the music teacher on a project last year, I was looking to develop my own project for this year. Because of my experiences working with Operation Wounded Warrior through my volunteer fire department (chronicled on this blog in the past) I knew that I would love to do a project where our students got to work with our nation’s veterans. When it was time to design our projects, a colleague of mine in the history department had the very same idea and our project was quickly developed: giving our students a chance to meet and interview veterans about their experiences, as well as issues relating to veterans and to make a short film about both.