Education war officially delcared

More on this later, but for anyone who had any doubt there was a war against public education in this country, so-called reformer Geoffrey Canada makes things explicit:

“someone has to make war.”

This comes from a piece in a really scary NY Times piece by Anna Phillips about the creation of new lobbying group organized to influence NYC’s mayor election and education policy in NY:

On the board are some of the most well-known and polarizing figures in public education, including Ms. Rhee; Mr. Klein, now a News Corporation executive; and Eva S. Moskowitz, the former councilwoman who now runs a chain of charter schools. Also on the board are former Mayor Edward I. Koch; Geoffrey Canada, the founder of the Harlem Children’s Zone organization, a network of charter schools; and a number of venture capitalists and hedge fund managers, who have served as the movement’s financial backers.

This is yet another example of what Joanne Barkan recently showed in Dissent: education “reformers” are now trying to buy political elections.