Inside Schools Recommends Harvest Collegiate

UpdateHarvest will hold an open house at the site of our school, 34 West 14th St on Monday, March 12, from 5-7pm.  Hope to meet you there!

I had a new experience Saturday, as I represented the school I’m helping to plan, Harvest Collegiate, at a high school fair for 8th graders who did not receive a match in the first round of high school applications (for those not familiar with NYC schools, there are very few zoned/community high schools in NYC, and non in the Bronx, Manhattan, and Brooklyn; 8th grade students have to choose schools, and are placed centrally through the city).  It was very exciting to see our idea take one step closer to being a reality, but it was more thrilling to meet over a hundred students and their families who were eager to find an incredible education.

It’s a little nerve-wracking sitting back now, and hoping to be chosen, so it made my day yesterday to see Harvest get our first positive piece of press from Inside Schools, who had us on their list of “picks for high schools that still have room“:

Harvest Collegiate is a new school opening in the Legacy building 14th Street that promises lots of class discussions, hands-on activities and trips around the city. It has a well-developed website, a clear vision and an experienced principal.

Their fuller write-up captures just a few of the exciting things we have planned for our students:

Lots of planning has gone into the school, scheduled to open in the fall of 2012 with a 9thgrade class. While other brand-new schools were still scrambling to plan their curriculum and hire staff in the spring of 2012, Harvest Collegiate already had a well-developed website, a clear vision and an experienced principal with an impressive resume.

The school plans to offer lessons in Modern Africa and the Middle East as well as Spanish, piano, literature, jazz and genetics. Other activities will include theater, robotics, a girls group, basketball, soccer, volleyball, cooking and sailing. Tenth graders will develop service projects in conjunction with the Action Center to End World Hunger, where young people are taught ways they can join the efforts to end hunger and poverty. Plans are to have students visit the Irish Hunger Memorial and soup kitchens to learn about hunger in New York City.

Plans call for a two-week intensive in January for travel and learning beyond the classroom, beginning with a trip to Washington D.C. Burch hopes to take students o Central American in the future. Students will have the opportunity to visit Stone Barns, a nonprofit farm and education center north of Manhattan. Every week teens will spend half a day exploring in age-appropriate ways: 9th graders will explore the city, 10th graders will develop a service project, 11th graders will learn more about college and 12th graders will do career internships.

If you’re interested in more information about Harvest Collegiate High School, please visit our website.



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