Blog Updates

3 small new things here:

1) New design.  Long overdue.  Hope you like it

2) One of the things I did really like about Twitter was the ability to quickly share other good, provocative, and otherwise noteworthy articles and blogs with an audience.  Since I’m no longer tweeting, I’m going to try to do more quick blog entries here pointing to other interesting reads.  These posts will be under the “Good Reads” category, and have lower case titles.

3) I’m also trying to tackle more books about education.  While being an active blog reader and twitterer has helped me develop professionally over the first quarter of my career, I’m embarrassed at the dearth of education books I’ve read in that time period; there are two books I’ve had on my to read list since 2004!  I have a nice pile next to my bed now, both of new books and ones I’d like to re-read, and am looking forward to writing about these as I read them.  Three down so far this year, and will post about them soon.