This sounds about right…

John Goodlad absolutely nails the predicaments of teaching:

Those women–and men–who do enter teaching today work in circumstances that include some gain in their autonomy in the community accompanied by some loss in presitge and status; an increase in the heterogeneity of students to be educated, especially at the secondary level; increased utilization of schools to solve critical social problems such as desegregation; a marked growth in governace of the schools through legislation and the courts; continuation of relatively low personal economic return; limited oppurtunities for career changes within the field of educaiton; and continuation of school and classroom conditions that drain physical and emotional energy and tend to promote routine rather than sustained creative teaching.  Merely holding teachers accountable for improved student learning without addressing these circumstances is not likely to improve the quality of thier professional lives and the schools in which they teach.

Take a guess when this was written, click here to find out, and then try not to cry.