Teaching History Through Inquiry on Education Week Teacher

I recently joined the Teacher Leaders Network.  One of the perks I’m most excited about is the opportunity to write for larger audiences of teachers.  Through them, I was able to publish a revised and updated version of my inquiry manifesto on Education Week Teacher.

…But we must also ensure that our high school students gain the skills and knowledge necessary to be critical thinkers and citizens in our democracy. Our world is saturated with media, and students need to learn how to evaluate the information they encounter, based on where it comes from, who is producing it and when, its use of evidence, and its intended audience…

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2 thoughts on “Teaching History Through Inquiry on Education Week Teacher

  1. I just read your article in Education Week. I wanted to let you know that I plan to share it with my middle and high school social studies next week at our department meeting. I found it to be concise, but dead on, and it fits very well with the work we will begin to undertake as we navigate through the implications of the Common Core Standards in Social Studies. Thanks!


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