The New Black History Out Now, Featuring Yours Truly

I had totally forgotten about this until my mail arrived today, but I am now officially a published historian.  It’s a huge honor to have been included in The New Black History.  My article, “Septima Clark: Organizing for Positive Freedom,” is chapter 13.  Only 4 copies left on Amazon, so order fast!

It’s also quite humbling to be a portion of what will sadly prove to be Manning Marable’s last book.  He taught me so much as a mentor, so I was stunned when I was initially asked to be part of this collection, filled with so many prominent and up-and-coming historians of the African American experience.  To have the book come out after his tragic passing, makes the experience bittersweet, to say the least.  We are all better off for the work Dr. Marable put forth into the world, but I am immensely saddened that there will not be more of it.

Also, note the name of the co-editor, Elizabeth Hinton.  She was starting her PhD studies when I did my MA, and I can say without hesitation that she is the most insightful student I have ever shared a classroom with. I look forward to many, many more works from her in the future.  She will be writing great things for years to come.