Resources I'm Using to Discuss Occupy Wall Street

I’ll be discussing Occupy Wall Street with my students on Wednesday (and longer, if they are interested).  I’m also hoping my grade team will be up for delaying our planned field day on Friday for us to take a field trip to visit and have our students do a citizen journalist project.  I’m preparing for a few different types of conversations based on what my students are most curious about, and I’ve divided the resources accordingly.

General Overviews

Life in Liberty Square
Responses of the Media & Politicians

7 thoughts on “Resources I'm Using to Discuss Occupy Wall Street

  1. Thank you for sharing your resources. I really appreciate it, as I will be talking to my classes about the protests on Friday. One more source that I have been watching is Dave Winer’s news river (single-topic RSS aggregator) for the Occupy movement…


  2. Thank you for posting these great resources! I am a student teacher right now and have been researching to help describe this ubiquitous movement!


  3. This is a very thorough and accurate site. Thank you for providing these resources.


    Montgomery triangle is awesome!


  4. Thank you so much for these amazing resources. I plan on starting my unit this week. I am also looking for resources about how we got in this mess. I am planning on going back to the mess that brought on the crisis in 2008. I would appreciate any help and would be happy to share my lessons.


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