Woodcarving: What I have to carve

As I begin teaching at a new school, I have more freedom to create a course than I have ever had in my career.  This will be the first time in my life I teach a year-long course that does not end in a state exam.  Here are the constraints on my planning:

  • Students will earn “Participation in Government” and “Economics” credit for my course (there is a state curriculum that there is no reason to follow, though I do feel a responsibility to ensure a certain level of civic and economic literacy is learned)
  • I will be teaching seniors, who needs these credits to graduate
  • The school has an internal interim assessment structure that requires me to create a rubric at the beginning of the year which I will use to track student progress.  In collaboration with my new department chair, I’ve decided to track students’ ability to 1) create arguments, 2) use evidence to support the argument, 3) appropriately source the evidence they use, 4) incorporate relevant content into the argument and 5) write clearly
  • The school uses Debbie Meier’s Habits of Mind
The rest is up to me!

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