My 2010-2011 Teaching Portfolio

It’s done! Last year, along with two other teachers at my school, and inspired by a similar program at the Manhattan Village Academy, I put together a teacher portfolio this year to help my own personal development, consisting of the following sections.  This year, five of us are completing the process.  Hopefully there will be more next year, at both Bronx Lab and my new school.

  1. Inquiry Question: How can my engagement with online education communities improve my teaching?
  2. Year’s Best Unit and Reflection
  3. Best Major Assignment: French Revolution DBQ
  4. Goal for the 2011-2012 School Year
  5. Reflection of School Year Goals #5 – Late June
  6. What I Wish I Had Known at the Beginning of the Year
  7. Top Memories from My Time at Bronx Lab

One thought on “My 2010-2011 Teaching Portfolio

  1. Thanks for sharing this, it was interesting to see your insights and will help me. (Really I need to do something like this next year and get back into blogging myself. 🙂


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