Top Memories from My Time at Bronx Lab

2010-11 Teaching Portfolio Entry #1

Top Ten Thirteen Memories from My Time at Bronx Lab

13) Far too many drinks with colleagues at the late Four G’s
12) Seeing Tyree, BLS Class of ’09, give our students an information session at Sarah Lawrence College.
11) The many moments this year when my students truly demonstrated that they understood just how messy history is.
10) The look on Frank’s face, who I mentored this year, when was waiting outside my classroom door to tell me that Mubarak had resigned while he had the feed up live in his class.
9) My very first day as a paid employee at the school, where the class I was subbing for claimed they were organizing a walk out in protest of a teacher who was leaving.  I was certain they were messing with me, and forced them to continue the lesson.  Turned out, they were serious.
8) Watching my wonderful advisory grow over the four years we had together at school, and to be able to continue to do so in the year since they graduated.
7) The final meeting of my senior philosophy class this year, both mine and their last class at Bronx Lab, where we had a deep, hour long conversation using everything we learned that year around the question, “Why do you listen to me?”
6) When, on my first college trip with the students, I spent breakfast discussing with Ronnie the results from the previous night’s Super Tuesday primary election, and had a senior citizen come up to us after and tell us how nice it was to see two young men intelligently discussing politics.
5) Having my advisory throw me a surprise birthday party during their junior year.
4) Taking fifty students up to New Hampshire the day before the 2008 primary where, in one day, we saw Huckabee, McCain, Obama, and Clinton; the look in Rasheed’s eye as he saw Obama speak, and in Rhashan’s after he shook his hand.
3) The four hour drive with Stephanie and her mom to New York State History Day, where I failed to convince her that The Great Gatsby was not the worst book ever written.
2) Having the honor of being selected by the Class of 2009 as their graduation speaker, after teaching all of them for two years, and many of them for three.
1) The August graduation ceremony Michael and I planned, still the only time I’ve cried in my adult life.

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