In My Students' Words

I was recently asked by someone what three words my students would use to describe me. While I feel I have a pretty good idea of how my students feel about me and my class from the conversations I initiate with them and the written feedback I ask for, I wasn’t quite sure how to answer this question. So I asked my senior philosophy class (who I have the closest relationship with, teaching many of them for the second time, and also whom I am the most laid back with) yesterday for the three words they would use to describe me. Here’s what they came up with:


2 thoughts on “In My Students' Words

  1. This is one of the most common questions I’ve been asked on teaching interviews. I might make up a google form to find out.

    How do you feel about their responses? Do you plan to ask your other classes? Would be interesting to see how close they are.


  2. They definitely made me laugh and smile. We are doing community service projects the next three days, then are on break, so it’ll be a while before I have a chance to ask my other students. I imagine their answers will be quite different. I am much more relaxed with this class. I imagine my senior Regents prep class will have a lot more about being caring or believing in them, and that my junior global classes will have a lot more about being strict, stern, serious, etc.

    My biggest question though is how the answers would have changed if I asked them to describe me “as a teacher”.


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