Reflection on School Year Goals #3 – March

At the beginning of the year, I set a number of goals for myself, one of which was to reflect on said goals every two months. My first two reflections can be found here and here. My third remarks are in italics below.


Along with my planning team, I will write an 11th grade Global History curriculum, that Humanities department chairs and school administrators agree is a model for how Humanities classes should be taught at Bronx Lab because they will support students in producing excellent authentic, project-based assessment work that serve as formative assessments towards high Regents achievement and college-readiness.

We’re still on our way to this goal.  Since my last reflection, we completed the History Day unit I’ve taught five times previously.  A reflection of that unit is here.

Each of the six Global History projects done this year will meet at least 8 of the 9 criteria for Project Based Learning from the Buck Institute for Education.

Each of our first four projects hit all 9 criteria.

Students will experience at least one historical simulation, participate in at least one Socratic Seminar, and write at least one essay in each unit.

All three happened in the first two units. There was no essay in the third unit. Since there is no shared content, this goal did not really apply to the History Day unit, though everyone wrote essays as part of it.

By the end of the year, every social studies course will have at least four revised, authentic, project-based assessment that has received constructive criticism from other members of the Social Studies Department. These projects will assess students on at least 75% of the OAH National History Standards that the department agreed to use last year.

This goal will not be met, as nearly 100% of department time is spent on the first step of unit planning, without much time spent on the second step.  In hindsight, this was not a realistic goal given the limited time we have to meet in departments.

100% of my new advisees will either graduate or earn at least ten credits by June.

Six of my advisees are sure things for graduation. I am concerned about two, but they have been making good progress in the past two months, and nocked out a bunch of Regents exams in January.  I have one advisee who I see once every two weeks, and need to figure out a different long term plan for him.

Personal / Professional Development
At least once per week, I will write and publish a reflective piece of writing to assess in my professional practice things that worked well, things that need to improve, and/or ideas for the future.

I have gotten back in the swing of blogging these past few weeks, but most of it has been on larger educational issues, and less on my classroom.

Every two months, I will write and publish a self-evaluation of how I am doing on these goals.

Check. Check. Check.

One thought on “Reflection on School Year Goals #3 – March

  1. I think reflecting on goals is admirable. The recognition that goals may change is important. I’m not going to presume to know history at the high school level. You teach at the opposite spectrum than I do. There is a few interesting bits about history and curriculum standards in The Economist though. I’ve been wondering how the state standards, some of which seem to be very poor, tie into the National core standards and critical thinking.


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