Living the History Teacher's Dream

Today was a great day to be a social studies teacher. Too often, we are teachers of the past; today we were able to be teachers of the present. Now I can’t guarantee that my students are sitting at home on a Friday night talking about what’s next for Egypt but I do know that during the three hours that I spent with them today, they got to watch what they have learned in my class happen right in front of them. That is a wonderful thing.

Read the rest of Frank McCaughey’s experience today here, and follow him on Twitter @FJM718.  Frank’s been a wonderful new addition to my department this year as out 9th grade Civics/US History teacher, and today lived a history teacher’s dream. I’ve had the great pleasure to coach him and our weekly planning meetings are something I look forward to every week.  The look on his face when he ran down to tell me this right after it happened will probably be my highlight of the year.

I spent most of the rest of my day watching the live feed from Tahir Square with my students, getting to enjoy the experience of watching a moment that their children will be learning about in their history classes.  This was the first time I’ve had this experience as a teacher, and it was a wonderful thing.

Thank you to the people of Egypt for inspiring my students, colleagues, and myself today!


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