Looking for a Rock Star History or English Teacher

The Bronx Lab School has an immediate opening. We actually have the flexibility to hire a history or English teacher for the position. Both positions are pretty amazing opportunities: the history position would be teaching seniors, and would include a senior seminar; the English position would be a senior seminar and 2 sections of 11th Grade English. We are NOT under a hiring restriction, so any NY certified candidate is eligible.

Senior Seminars are a double-time class with complete freedom to choose a topic about which students will be passionate. This class meets daily, in addition to a 4 hour block on Thursdays to allow for weekly field trips. This is an opportunity for a great teacher to create your dream course. We have a really great group of seniors this year who would be a pleasure to teach.

Interested candidates should email teach@bronxlabschool.org with a resume, references, and a cover letter that includes your idea for a senior seminar and an explanation of why you would be a good fit for Bronx Lab.

About Bronx Lab:
The Bronx Lab School, an open-enrollment public school in the North Bronx, is entering its eighth year. Through our commitment to authentic project based assessment, inquiry based learning, and creating a collaborative professional community that knows and supports students as individuals, BLS has graduated over 90% of students in its first three graduating classes. 100% of our graduates have been accepted to a range of colleges and universities, including thirteen on Posse scholarships. For further insight into our school, this article from The Australian newspaper is a good place to start: http://bit.ly/deE3G3 (though our principal has changed since publication, and the teachers’ ages that were reported were all wrong).

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