Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-16

  • 6 days to prep students for August Regents. Will someone hold on to my good teacher soul so I can have it back when I'm done? #
  • Been reading #YALit to get ready for new indy reading prgrm, LOVING Hunger Games. Liked Gone. What else 2 read? #engchat #
  • It might make me late to #SSChat tonight, but feeling a need to spite the heat and jetlag so going running anyway. #
  • I teach my class almost entirely with primary sources – have a toolbox of strategies #sschat #
  • is my favorite source for world history docs – amazing depth! #sschat #
  • My questions: What kind of doc? Who created? What do we know about creator? What do we know about background? What POV are missing? #sschat #
  • One activity I love: put doc in middle of poster post it and let kids make additions to add what they know #sschat #
  • I never used SOAPS because it doesn't address what's NOT there – how do people address this? #sschat #
  • Thanks all for a great #sschat as always. Now, on to #engchat #
  • Revision Revisions Revision…and Engagement #engchat #
  • RT @sapereaude: Students have voice and choice in what and how they learn and demonstrate that learning. #engchat #
  • Bronx Lab, an NYC pub HS, needs an AP for this fall. If interested or know anyone, please DM @SlazarOTC. Please RT. Thx. #
  • What a great idea. On Education – Lesson Plan in Boston Schools – Don’t Go It Alone – #
  • This is hilarious: a review of Portnoy's Complaint by a "4th grader" #
  • Reasons to love/support indy bookstores RT @BookCourt Three customers singing along to Rocky Raccoon in different parts of the store! #
  • I usually don't like to share this kind of stuff, but this was just too bad: a student couldn't tell me where the French Rev happened. #
  • RT @nyrbclassics RT @3ammagazine: Tony Judt's reading list of 10 books to read on 20th Century Europe: #historyteacher #
  • Cannot believe I have to wait 12 days to finish Hunger Games series. Feel bad for everyone who read it as published. #
  • If you haven't already read it, please do – it's excellent: Marx and School 2.0: #
  • RT @sapereaude: Do u want to talk abt tech or community or vocab during #engchat vote now! Pls RT. #
  • RT @Ron_Peck: The new #sschat poll is posted. Please vote for your topic of choice to be discussed next Monday 8/16. #
  • Wow! 8% of public school teachers left profession last year. #
  • A must read – the high schools we need: Interview with Linda Darling-Hammond #
  • Great article: Increase Student Engagement by Getting Rid of Textbooks #sschat #historyteacher #
  • Not sure how I got subscription that never ends, but Franzen feature in Time is 1st good thing ive read there: #
  • My day: RT @greenlightbklyn How to revel in a day like today: Come to Greenlight, buy a good book, head to nearest park bench and enjoy. #
  • Just started Chaos Walking series by Patrick Ness. Thanks @donalynbooks for recommendation. My dystopian summer continues. #
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