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When I decided to get back online a few months ago, I decided to just start writing rather than worry about designing the webspace in too much detail. With summer nearing its end, I’m realizing I might never get around to that part.  At the very least, I’m glad to finally have a blogroll up.  To the right, you’ll find some of the blogs I enjoy reading most.  I’ve divided them into two categories:

  • Comrades are blogs and websites of people or groups who I tend to find myself nodding along with as I read their work.  They’re a source of great ideas, as well as comfort in knowing there are other likeminded people out there.
  • Blogs that Challenge and Expand My Thinking are people coming at things from a different perspective from me, be it in terms of pedagogy or subject matter, which force me to rethink what I do from different perspectives.  While my comrades are a source for shared resources, it tends to be an occasional post from one of these blogs that give me epiphany moments that really help me grow as a teacher.

There are a lot of other blogs I’ve only just started reading which will undoubtedly be added over time.  I’d love to hear from other people as well – what are the blogs you read that challenge and expand your thinking?

UPDATE: I realized I spent a lot of time going through all the new blogs I’m reading, thus forgetting the smal handful of blogs I’ve been reading the past 4-6 years that are still active.  Doug’s, Chris’, Darren’s, Susan’s, Dan’s, and Will’s blogs have all been added. Among other things, I’m amazed they’re still going strong after all this time.


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  1. Thanks for putting me up there with the comrades. I really think that’s the best use of Twitter, camaraderie. Whereas blogging is more of the discussion part of having colleagues. Great mix all around!


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