Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-08-02

  • Wow – NYPL only charges you for the lost book, not late fees. Last time I loan a library book to a student, no matter how responsible. #
  • RT @gregkulowiec: Social Studies chat tonight @ 6pm. Topic: using music to teach ss. Join us to share ideas & resources. #sschat #
  • Sorry I missed most of #sschat last night. Set a dish towel on fire, which seems apropos for the topic. #
  • My first goal is always to get students used to working together #engchat #
  • Gotta run. Thanks @sapereaude @EngTeachGeek for organizing. Looking forward to learning with all of you this year! #engchat #
  • I'm posting some of my blogposts on Gotham Schools now. Curious to see what the comments will be like. #
  • Off to see Rick Moody read @bookcourt. Why do dystopias seem to be filling my life this summer? #
  • Wow! @bookcourt has a section entirely devoted to nyrb classics – my excitement at this is prob geekiest eng teacher moment of my life. #
  • Cool – my first snarky, presumptuous comment from Gotham Schools. Thanks Jodama! Now, let my usurpation continue. #
  • "Part of being a good citizen is being skillful at resisting authority, organizing 'our side' on behalf of common interests." Deborah Meier #
  • More from Deborah Meier's Blog on Education: What Price Control? #
  • Off to vacation in LA for a week. Should mean I'm not online, but if I'm up at 4am each morning, then perhaps not. #
  • Not “What” You Know #
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