SBG in My History Classroom Part 2: The First Attempt

My first foray into something resembling SBG was at the end of the 2007-07 school year, when I was preparing students for the New York Global History Regents Exam.  Below is the grading policy I shared with students, along with the presentation I used to introduce it.

There were a lot of problems with this:

  • It was really cumbersome and complex and there were too many variables for students to make sense of.
  • While what is identified as “Attitude Standards” works, the “Skill Standards” and “Content Standards” aren’t actually standards.  The skills are tasks, and the content is a list of themes.
  • There was no way of tracking the component skills necessary to complete the tasks.
  • There is nothing communicated to students about how their standards based performance translates to their transcript grade

This was a necessary step though for me to move towards SBG, but ultimately, it was unsuccessful because it just confused students.