Just Finished…The Big Short by Michael Lewis

One Sentence Summary

It’s the story of the moments leading up to the financial collapse that caused the Great Recession, told from the perspective of the few who saw it coming, and bet on the collapse.


It’s a book about just how dumb smart people can be.

Favorite Sentence

“‘I can understand why Goldman Sachs would want to be included in the conversation about what to do about Wall Street,’ he said. ‘What I can’t understand is why anyone would listen to them.'” (Kindle location 4008)

Why I Read It

I was curious to get a better understanding of the everything I’ve been hearing about the financial collapse of the past few years, and was in the mood for some non-fiction, of which I have read much too little recently.

Favorite Thing About the Book

The way it captures just how unbelievably dumb people were in their decisions leading up to the crash, as well as how screwed up the whole financial system seems to be.

Least Favorite Thing About the Book

It ends right at the moment of the collapse, and I wanted the story to keep going.


I would recommend it highly to someone like me, who wants a better understanding of why we’re in the situation we’re in, and has at least a basic level of economic literacy, though has not followed all the economic details of the past few years.

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