2009-10 Teaching Portfolio

Along with two other teachers at my school, and inspired by a similar program at the Manhattan Village Academy, I put together a teacher portfolio this year to help my own personal development, consisting of the following sections:

  1. Inquiry Question: How can I support my students in developing their research skills? Analysis & Reflection, Assignments, & Student Work
  2. Supporting Journal Article and Analysis
  3. Best Lesson and Reflection
  4. Advice for someone teaching this course next year
  5. Top 11 Memories of the 2009-10 School Year
  6. Reflection on Goals for the Year
  7. Goals for the 2010-11 School Year
  8. Lesson from the Portfolio Process

Stephen Lazar 2009-10 Teacher Portfolio


3 thoughts on “2009-10 Teaching Portfolio

  1. I just found your blog through @Ellsbeth. This is a GREAT idea. I wish I had a better way to say it, but this is the ultimate of reflection that I am trying to get myself on the road towards. My first year teaching wasn’t perfect but I regret not reflecting the most. I look forward to reading more of your work and having your input in #SSchat in the future!


  2. Thanks, Jamie. This was year five for me (though I’m beginning to think that with so many teaching fellows and TFAers running around here, I should get to count my student teaching as a full year), and it was really great to have this opportunity to reflect, but even better to do it with other teachers outside my discipline. This process was my main inspiration for starting to blog again after a 3 year hiatus, which led to me joining Twitter. Last night’s #sschat was really inspiring and gave me a fresh energy for trying new things I haven’t had in a couple years.


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