African History Denied…Again?

One of the ways I’m hoping I can use this blog in my future teachings years is to highlight news stories that relate to subjects we’ve already covered, or are yet to cover. Here’s practice #1 at that:

Earlier in the year when we studied ancient African history, we talked about how African history was largely denied by white colonialists who didn’t believe that the natives were capable of organized society. There are numerous examples of this, but for me, the most striking was the assertion that Great Zimbabwe must have been the palace of the Queen of Sheeba (nothing like British colonialists looking to fit something into the Bible over the historical facts at hand).

One would hope this would not happen any more in a world that has at the very least recognized most of the evils of colonialism, even if most of the world has yet to recognize the full and continued affects of colonial rule. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be the case. This article (via Outside the Beltway) talks about bias in reporting of the news in modern Africa, particularly about the tendency to over report negative news stories, and under report positive news stories from the continent.

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