First Final Project Thoughts

So here’s what I have in my mind in terms of my students’ final project:

  • I want them to create a presentation of some sort based on The Daily Show
  • The content of the presentations will be based on places and times we have studied throughout the year (prehistory -> Renaissance in the West, and Ming Dynasty in the East)
  • The final product needs to be completed the week of June 20

Other than that, I’m open to suggestions. I want to keep this as open ended as possible for now, so here are a series of questions to consider for now:

  • How big should groups be? Why?
  • What should the final product be? (A script? A presentation for the class? An actual filmed segment?) Why?
  • Should each episode concentrate on a certain time? A certain place? A certain time at a certain place?
  • On what aspects of the production should students be assessed? Why?

There’s lots of other questions I have (including: How can student blogging be incorporated into this assignment?), but we’ll leave those for later.


2 thoughts on “First Final Project Thoughts

  1. 1st student post. How big of a dork am I?

The groups should be enough to have an actual cast/crew. I know, how informative. But that wasy we don’t get overloaded with work the last week of school.

The final product should be an actual filmed segment. Why? Because it’s more fun that way.

Each episode on a certain time/ place? Most definately. It helps keep information organized.

Aspects of production for assessment:
Accuracy of information
ehh…some other stuff…

ok, well, that’s enough of me contributing to my education.


  2. Could you use blogs as process journals for your students? Perhaps each group could have a blog that they use to document their thinking and work along the way.


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